Monday, November 8, 2010

The web has evolved and some aweful things of the past have fallen by the wayside without notice.
I recently scored a gig working with the data from Geocities. Looking at some of the pages brought back so many memories of how bad the web sucked back in the day.
Here's 5 things that I'm happy to not see very often on the internet:
  1. "Home Pages"
    Description: I say that lightly because the use of the phrase has changed. What I'm talking about is a captive entryway to a craptastic site with just an enter link on it.
    Why it sucked: Back in the days of dial-up, it was really really rude to cram one metric ton of graphics into a page that serves no purpose except to say "You've reached the page for Bob's House of Bacon  Click Enter to go to the site!". You would have to wait literally minutes in order to load a page.
    Today's Offenders: Band websites
    Example: Omega One
  2. Links Pages
    Description: Back before search engines, the web was nothing but an unsorted mess of links. In order to find anything interesting on the internet, you had to know someone with a "links" page that kept up with it. It was normally a bunch of links to other crappy sites that were usually the same topic.
    Why it sucked: Think of all of the sites that you visit on a day-to-day basis. How did you find them? Probably through a search engine. The pages themselves were actually helpful. The process of finding relevant sites was just cumbersome.
    Today's Offenders: A lot of people running PHPNuke portals
    Example: Chris Kirby
  3.  Animated gifs
    Description: Before video was really easy to do on the web there were animated gifs: a series of pictures compiled into one file that play frame by frame. These days they can be entertaining (SeƱor Gif)
    Why it sucked: Gifs make for very heavy pages. When you have a bunch of them on a page that you are trying to load with a 56k modem and running them with a 133MHz Pentium 1, it can take some time and system resources.
    Today's Offenders: MySpace users
    Example: DBZ_ani-gifs
  4. Framesets
    Description: Loading multiple pages into one. This is still used by me as a metric to see how "green" a web developer is. If they use a frameset, they are n00bs.
    Why it sucked: Not all browsers at the time supported frames. Browsers these days still don't agree on how to handle them. It's best to not use them at all and learn how to properly format a page.
    Today's Offenders: New web developers
    Example: Forever Realms
  5. Depreciated tags
    Description: Blink tag, scrolling text... need I say more.
    Why it sucked: The blink tag was just plain annoying. Not many browsers support it anymore (thank God). Scrolling text was annoying when there was too much text scrolling across the screen in huge font and it took forever to read an entire sentence.
    Today's Offenders
    : If you're using Firefox, apparently me. 

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